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LED SMD 12" Light Strip And Hanging Brackets (LED-1)
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Here is a very useful and energy savings small SMD/LED strip.

The term SMD refers to an advanced LED module which does not have the typical glass bubble that we have become familiar with. SMD is an updated technology.

This 12" long SMD module has 18 SMD modules producing a very efficient light. The uses are vast and limited only by imagination.

1) Since this can be a stand alone light strip, it is often used beneath counters. And since modules can be hooked together to form a long strip (up to 50 of them on one circuit), they are not limited by the length of the cabinets. Each module comes complete with two hanging brackets that clip onto the back of the strip, that will fasten to any surface. Since these strips have a connecting socket at each end of the strip, a connector is included to link multiple modules together. See the top picture.

2) Often architects will use these modules inside moldings for indirect lighting reflecting off the ceiling in a room.

3) We have seen retrofits on desk top lamps where fluorescent tubes were used. (ballasts, transformers and starters must be removed).
4) Retrofits on side mirror lights in a bathroom.

Since these strips only draw a mere 5 watts of power but yield a near equivalent of 60 watts of incandescent light, they are very economical to run. And since the SMD tubes have T5 standard fittings, the tubes are easily replaceable when their long life has ended.

These fixtures do not have a switch but are hard wired to a wall or fixture switch. They operate on a wide range of electrical current from AC 110 volts to 240V, 50hz or 60hz.

Equivalent of 60 watts of light using 5 watts of power.