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Victorian Chandelier Recreated Gaslight Neo Rococo 3 Tiers with 30 Lights (930-30L-RC)
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Victorian Chandelier Recreated Gaslight Neo Rococo 3 Tiers with 30 Lights (930-30L-RC)

930-30L-DK  Antique Brass Finish Neo Rococo 3 Tier 30-Light Chandelier (Pictured)

You've never seen anything like it!  This large 30-Light chandelier is our newest neo-rococo creation from the Mid-Victorian gasolier era.  Our inspiration was taken from our antique Starr-Fellow’s catalog and our vault-preserved samples from 1857.  We believe we have engineered a truly fine lighting fixture, based on historical record, ready to grace the lobby or dining room of an upscale mansion or five star hotel.

930-30L-RC has 30 arms on three tiers with a diameter of 68“ for a total of 30 lights.  The arms on the bottom tier are larger in scale than those on top, for a beautifully proportioned effect.  Used singly, in pairs, or in series, these lights will not be overpowered by large rooms as other smaller fixtures probably would be.  Finishes available:  Polished Brass, Satin Brass, Antique Brass Finish, and Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish.  The photos show the Hi-Lo Antique Brass finish.

Measurements:  The diameter is approximately 68“ (5’8”) depending on the diameter of the shades chosen.

The height of the “body only” is approximately 64” before the stem is added.  Adding the stem, with the lovely stem 3 cupid decor section (see photo below), gives the standard height at 100“.  However, we can trim the stem to be shorter, or add more stem to be longer.  There is not a finite height here.  We custom build the chandelier for your desired ceiling height and application.  One installation had a drop of 17 feet.

Other key factors to be considered are the fixture’s weight, and the ease of changing of the light bulbs.  The 930 chandelier weighs in at about 300 pounds.  This varies a bit with the weight of the “hand made” castings but not by much.  Installing an electric pulley system in the ceiling, to lower and raise the chandelier for light bulb replacement, might be considered.

Shade Fitter size is 2 5/8” for old gasolier type shades, of which we make six glass shade designs in two sizes, a 7" diameter or 8" diameter.  This chandelier would look terrific with our brass crown toppers.

Quality:  Each decorative casting is made by the Lost Wax Casting process.  This is the same process used by jewelry makers.  Because this is a very precise casting method,  the castings are simply lovely.  We have been making Neo-Rococo recreated gasolier chandeliers for about 20 years.  We have placed them in the White House and many other important locations.  When you consider us, experience and a special level of historical expertise are unmatched.

Handling:  Naturally with this kind of quality and weight, you can never handle the fixture by the arms.  The fixture comes mounted on its own steel plate skid and is sometimes installed with a rented transmission jack.  An electrical ceiling raise/lower pulley system had definite advantages for fixtures of this size and weight.  When in the remodeling process or in the new building planning stage, it is wise to consider support design early in the process.

Decorative Beauty:  On the largest bowl, for the bottom tier,  there are 6 cast full figures.  These figures are seen from a 2nd floor walkway when the fixture is hung eye level with the bottom tier or slightly below.  The very bottom bowl is a plethora of female masks and floral decor (second photo).  The center stem has 3 part flowers hanging like the sunken gardens of fame.  Each arm is curvilinear with a floral leaf fitter to hold the shade.  The canopy is a lovely beginning point with mythological masks and stylized floral decor.  The center stem contains a design element surmounted by three gods of the harvest.  Every space seems to be covered with neo-rococo decor while being totally functional.

Fixture uses 2 5/8" fitter glass shades.  Shades are sold separately, or you may use antique shades.

Shipping to be quoted for your location and availability of handling equipment.

Up to 100 watts incandescent per socket, for up to 3,000 watts.