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Fancy Art Deco Cast Brass Exit Sign (422x-SBSM-XN5NN)
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Letter Color:
Red Letters + Free Choice
Green Letters + Free Choice
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Optional Standoff
Wall Standoff (L-1458BR) + $ 175
Ceiling Standoff (L-1458BR) + $ 175
Left Arrow + $ 15
Right Arrow + $ 15
One Right One Left (Double Sided Sign) + $ 30
Optional, Change Background:
Brass Text Face + $ 85
Double Sided (Text&Face) + $ 230
Solid Brass Case + $ 135
Optional :
2 Brass LED Top Lights + $ 135
Add Test Button & Ready Indicator + $ 45
Fancy Art Deco Cast Brass Exit Sign (422x-SBSM-XN5NN)

422R-SBSM-XN5NN Fancy Art Deco, Cast Brass, Red Word Exit Sign

422G-SBSM-XN5NN Fancy Art Deco, Cast Brass, Green Word Exit Sign

**UL 924 Approved & Labeled**

Solid Cast Art Deco Brass face so iconic from the 20s-30s. We take the extra step to antique the surface to give a high/low effect. All this effort to create an antique look, but, it has been designed to meet updated UL standards, and size, with some elaboration.

This Art Deco design does create that Deco 1920s-30s Art Deco ambiance in a striking way.

Because each face plate has been hand cast, there might be some slight variations...but so were there variations in the 1920-30 originals. It is all a matter of method and the appreciation thereof.

Why spend money on a fantastic new construction, or restoration, but still have your customers stare at a low quality plastic exit sign lump ?? We believe that a bit of decorative and functional uniqueness is always appreciated.

The exterior & interior of this UL approved Exit Sign do make a true "iconic” statement. And this neat sign meets code since it is LED powered and has a battery back-up that lasts for 90 minutes after power loss.


Housed in a Steel case. (unless an optional aluminum or brass cases are chosen) the interior working mechanism is protected by an ABS thermoplastic housing that is never seen.

This sign is UL approved with LED lights and a 3.6 NI-CAD battery that gives 90 min run time after a power loss. Pre-wired for your choice of a 120VAC or a 277VAC electrical supply. (0.024A)


Case: 12.5" x 8.5" x 2.5"

Face: 16" wide x 13 1/2" tall

The formats, that this design can be modified and supplied, are many.

The basic set is wall mounted, single sided with a black steel case and solid cast brass Deco fascia. can be modified to be double sided; or ceiling hung...or wall hung...or with an aluminum case instead of steel...or have emergency lights attached to the top.

Our emergency top lights are also LED and we have shaped the lamp cases to resemble the bullet car lights of the 1920s. And, the stems of these lights have full articulations to give every possible angle of direction. With this sign, with cast brass and antiqued fascia, the lights are also solid brass housings to match the castings.

Made in Port Townsend, WA, USA. by Aura Design.