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French Art Deco Petitot Chandelier (ANT-1001)
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French Art Deco Petitot Chandelier (ANT-1001)
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ANT-1001  French Art Deco Petitot Chandelier

A nice 1930-1935 French art deco chandelier... Japanned Copper & Black over brass finish... by the famous Paris based company Petitot holding 5 clear and frosted glass Art Deco Ezan style shades.

These shades are sometimes called: “dripping ice” and it’s truly iconic for good early French lighting.

The bottom shade differs just slightly from the arm shades...which we always have seen before.

The bronze maker Antonin Petitot started his company in 1878. His son Henri took over in 1917. He sold his lights to lamp shops all over France as well as Europe and the United States. In the early days of art deco, they produced precious fixtures in high quality bronze with shades from the best french glass factories such as Muller Freres and Degué and then later, Ezan Glass Company.

In the late 30's they changed their style and produced lights in a modernist look. These beautiful chandeliers had shades of the highest quality of either Muller Freres or Ezan Glass Company(attributed).

This copper & black finish is called the Japanned-finish:::::  It does show signs of it’s age and we have not polished this original finish.  We just cleaned it up a little with a mild soap.  If you wish a more perfect finish other than antique,  you can make that decision...but if you want it to look “antique”,  that finish is here already.

One small problem with these gorgeous french chandeliers, is the height of the shades.  They are shorter than American shades so the bulbs often show above the rim.   We modified that by installing a chandelier E-12 socket within the original French/British socket so American bulbs can be used while still maintaining the correct mounting of the shades.

E-12 sockets were installed by removing the old european “guts” of the socket while maintaining the outside brass housing.  Then the Chandelier socket was installed directly INSIDE the original brass housing thereby allowing the original housing to continue to hold the shades...just like when they were made.

All work was accomplished in our UL shop and is now totally up to American UL standards using American bulbs and power.  It even installs with a re-worked UL approved standard crossbar which will be supplied.

Measurements:  Diameter:  30”.  Height:  35”.  Shade diameter:  8 1/2”.

Price:  $ 2750  This includes a standard US mounting kit and all LED bulbs.  A shipping charge must be added for crates and carriage.