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French Art Deco or Mid Century Modern Chandelier (ANT-1101)
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French Art Deco or Mid Century Modern Chandelier (ANT-1101)
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ANT-1101  French Art Deco or Mid Century Modern Chandelier

Very striking ebony finished wood stem contrasting with nickel finished metal. This fixture is probably 40s or 50s.......but wow......what an impact it does have. And the’s simply great for it’s age with very minor paint flaws to the ebony center. (easily doctored if desired).

The frosted Shades are a glass maker’s work of art. HEAVY...thick....about 3/8” to 1/2” thick in places. You can turn them anyway you wish to present them for you they are rectangular and we adjusted them for the long side to be parallel with the arm. But the key here is: Quality.

Those shades are totally remarkable works of art in thickness and heavy quality design.

All these elements:::......the Nickel metal finish...the ebony wood center...the heavy glass...are in total symphony for a quality 3 light French chandelier.

A small concern with these gorgeous French chandeliers, is the height of their shades. They are shorter than American shades so the bulbs often show above their rim. We modified that by installing a chandelier E-12 socket within the original French/British socket so American bulbs can be used while still maintaining the correct mounting of the shades.

E-12 chandelier sockets were installed by removing the old european “guts” of the socket while maintaining the outside housing. Then the Chandelier socket was installed directly INSIDE the original housing. We will supply a neat LED bulb with this fixture, for each shade, which we think works nicely, but, you can change them out, if so desired, with bulbs of your choice since now, the sockets are American.

All work was accomplished in our UL shop and is now totally up to American UL standards using American bulbs and power. This chandelier now even installs with a re-worked UL approved standard crossbar which will be supplied.

Measurements:  Diameter: 26”. Height: 14 1/2”.

Price:  $1,450 This includes a standard US mounting kit and all LED bulbs.

A shipping charge must be added for crates and carriage.