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1920's Old Gold Finished Theater Chandeliers (ANT-1126)
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1920's Old Gold Finished Theater Chandeliers (ANT-1126)

ANT-1126   1920's “Old Gold” Finished Theater Chandeliers

We are fortunate to have purchased the lighting of an old theater containing a nice selection of matched C 1920 chandeliers. Originally, there were 6 chandeliers with two sold at this time. Three are left but being by check present quantity if this design might work.

They are they do show the trials of their age with a few marks...and roughness just like any antique does. However...matched lighting of this era is so VERY difficult to find.

Size: They are a large at 41 1/2” outside bulb to outside bulb when using the pictured G25 shaped ball bulb. At present...they are a FIVE FOOT hang height. Naturally...the hang height can be changed to either shorter or longer depending on the need.

Electrics: There is a total of 25 E-26 medium base bulb sockets, light bulb not included.

On the outside of the chandelier, there are 16 bulbs on the there are 9 bulbs lighting up the exterior and shining through the mica panels on the bottom and sides of the fixture. Additionally, ONE bulb exists in the center making a total of 25 bulb positions. No shortage of lumens here. Scale the lumen output up with larger wattage bulbs..or keep it lower by the bulb choice.

We could also design a method to use “Green Energy” only bulbs if so desired.  The sockets, if desired, could be adapted to take GU10 or GU24 LED bulbs from the normal medium base E-26 sockets.

Full HEAVY DUTY mounting kits will be provided. These kits mount onto a UL universal style crossbar...heavy duty...that we will supply.  

Price: $3500.00 each for ULa re-wired crated shipping thru Fed-Ex Freight. Crated Shipping is a bit extra.