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Original Antique Gill Tavern Light c.1930 (ANT-1193)
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Original Antique Gill Tavern Light c.1930 (ANT-1193)

ANT-1193   Original Antique Gill Tavern Light c.1930

Fantastic, and kinda scarce. Single Large Light from Gill Manufacturing Circa 1930.  Gill named the series, that used a keg motif for a shade, the “Novel Lighting Fixtures“ line.   

In their catalog they state that these fixtures were for “Taverns“, “Rathskellers”, and “Tap Rooms”. It does enhance the dramatic effect of using them today for a special  “man cave” or “home bar” or even a theme “watering hole”.  

Gill also bragged, in their 30's catalog, that the glass keg shades were true reproductions of real wood carvings. This series had single shade light fixtures that came in various sizes, and we believe, that this is the largest shade that was made.

Measurements: The total fixture, overall, is approximately 17” tall. The diameter of the shade is about 8 1/2” while the canopy is 6 1/2”.

The holding metal fixture has an outstanding aged copper-bronze appearance was installed on a ceiling that used surface conduit and there is a bite out of one edge for that conduit...(shown in a picture). Only ONE side. It could be duplicated with those kits on the market today for looks...but we don’t do that...we like “as found” condition.

Electrical: Completely rewired, in our UL listed shop, with a new high grade socket and wire. We found the “sweet spot” of lighting with a LED bulb and really like the result. We will include the bulb. Bulbs can be changed and accessed by removing that lower clear shade if desired.

The chandelier fastens directly to a UL approved electrical box with two threaded ball screws. Necessary mounting supplies will be provided.

Price:  $595.00 for this top-of-the-line old world theme Tavern Light complete with a power LED bulb a normal shipping charge.