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Fantastic Art Deco - Impressive French Chandelier (ANT-1245)
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Fantastic Art Deco - Impressive French Chandelier (ANT-1245)

ANT-1245  Fantastic Art Deco - Impressive French Chandelier

Really quite a striking example of French Art Deco. Ah, the French...they sure did like their Deco era and made some outstanding lighting.

Here we have a fine French IRON chandelier that has the key elements of the Art Deco movement together in one lovely fixture. Circa 1920-30 it is truly an interesting chandelier. When we finished re-wiring it for American sockets and re-doing the wiring, we all just stood there and admired it. 

The metal is all cast iron with a pewter finish with neat deco designs embedded in the castings.

The shades are definitely from a finer French glassmaker and we attribute them to Vianne. While unusual, we have seen the shade before and it did have a paper label on them on other lighting.

As mentioned, this chandelier has been completely re-wired in our UL shop with new American sockets and all new wire. There are 4 normal medium base porcelain in each star pattern shade and then for balance, we installed a four-light chandelier cluster for the center shade.

We have been impressed with the neat casting quality of this chandelier as well as the decorative motif. It is just so different from the normal and it does give a striking appearance.

As with any antique, it has seen life. Not every angle is perfect...not every surface is mint. If you need perfect...don’t consider this does show an antique existence.

Measurements: The Overall chandelier height is 37”. The diameter is a significant 28”. 

Price for the chandelier is "only" $2,750.00, plus careful packing and shipping. We say “only” because if you have done some chandelier shopping elsewhere, you will know that some folks are asking upwards of $5,000, or more, for a fixture of this unusual nature, and often, not as striking as this one. The price also reflects some “life” issues.