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Magnificent Imperial Clock set (ANT-381)
Call to request similar.

Call to request similar.

Magnificent Imperial Clock set (ANT-381)

ANT-381  Magnificent Imperial Clock Set

A gorgeous Imperial clock (24” tall, 14” x 9”) made in Italy (circa 1980) with an 8 day wind-up Frantz Hermle (Germany) clock movement that chimes on the hour and half hour on the sweetest sounding two bells.  The striking type is called “Ting-Tang”.  There are two hammers striking on two bells, alternatively, giving a double bell sound for each strike.  Very sweet indeed.  It strikes ONE series of “ting-tangs” on the half hour, and a full count for each hour.  Quite a nice diversion at times...and I have seen folks having a dead-serious look on their face, break into a big grin when this clock strikes.  It definitely can be a mood changer.

This set is completed by a pair of lovely matching candelabras.  The measurements for the candelabras are as follows:  

  • Base:  6 ¼” square.
  • Diameter:  11” spread.
  • Overall Height:  27 ¼" (including the flame-shaped candle snuffers shown in the pictures).
  • Height to the Top of the Highest Candle Cup:  24" (without the candle snuffer).
  • Middle Tier Height:  20 ½"
  • Lowest Tier Height:  18 ⅛"

Height measurements were made from table top to the top of the candle cups for each corresponding tier.

All made by Brevattato in Italy circa 1980, using the name Imperial as a brand name.   We suspect that the clock movement was restored or replaced about 1994 judging by the Frantz Hermle, two jewel, floating balance style movement.

The clock is running nicely and striking it’s lovely tones to the delight of all.

Although these look antique, they are EARLY reproductions of the Louis XVI era, with marble and antique finish brass.  Having been used and moved internationally, we did give all parts of the set a good inspection.  The ONLY defect we could find is a little crack at the back of one marble piece of one of the candelabra.  It has been previously been restored and is not visible from the this part will face the wall.  To us, very minor.

Just because this set is an Italian early re-creation, it does not mean that the craftsmanship and materials are not superior.  These clocks and candelabras are fine works of art.  Modern Grandfather clocks can cost upwards of $15,000.00, much more than an antique one would bring, and yet they are re-creations of early designs.

All 3 pieces have ornate satyrs or cherubs with goat feet, ropes, hunting trophies on the claw foot bases and cockerel masks near the top.

The candelabras are very ornate with 7 candle holders with one at the top (where the snuffer is kept at this time), then 2 a little lower, and then 4 more on the lowest plateau.  Both candelabra come with a candle snuffer installed into the top candle slot as part of the decoration.

$1,750.00 for the complete very careful packing and shipping.