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Antique Slip Shade Chandelier Circa 1935 by Lincoln Mfg - Presentation Quality (ANT-495)
Call to request similar.

Call to request similar.

Antique Slip Shade Chandelier Circa 1935 by Lincoln Mfg - Presentation Quality (ANT-495)

ANT-495  Antique Slip Shade Chandelier Circa 1935 by Lincoln Mfg - Presentation Quality

The most over-used word in the antique trade is the word "rare".  It is so overused for common things, that when an authentic rare item comes along, the word tends to lose its punch.  Speaking as the curator of the world's only American Art Deco lighting museum (the Kelly Art Deco Light Museum), perhaps it will, at this time, have a bit more validity than when used off-handedly by a normal dealer.  So now, I want to use the word rare.

So I of the brightest stars in our lighting museum is this particular light.  Okay, so what qualifies this as rare?  Well, in 42 years of collecting for the museum, we have purchased every entity found, and we only have three examples shown in the museum (a five light like this one, a three light and a sconce) .

So...what is it?  Since it is not in any catalog or reference book that we have in our library, it needs to be attributed by the elements of its design & construction.  We, probably better than most, are most able to do this.

This chandelier we believe, is a presentation piece.  It was probably given to outstanding dealers or wholesalers as a reward for achievement of great sales.  Of course, it might also have been given to retiring executives of the company, sort of like the gold watch reward.  Like the quality of engraved Winchester rifles, it has an amount of detail very much above the norm for a production piece.   But then again, it could have been such a limited production, it was never shown in a catalog nor marketed by any of their retailers.  It simply continues to be a mystery and a rarity.

We believe it was made by Lincoln Manufacturing, who were ONE of the largest makers of slip shade lighting in America (they even sold to Sears).  We know Lincoln design and castings quite well, having handled hundreds of their various products.   It has attributes we recognize as being DIFFERENT from Virden or Markel or Acme or Frankenlite or Halcolite or Globe:

  1. The fixture is aluminum...Lincoln Mnf was a aluminum foundry rather than cast iron or cast zinc, or even cast bronze.
  2. The design motifs and shade holding panels are similar, mechanically, to Lincoln designs, such as the Fleur-de-Lis.
  3. The color and reliefs are similar to Lincoln designs, and you can almost feel the elements from their head designer in this piece.  It does go that extra mile for great design.
  4. Each casting is marked with a part number.  Lincoln did this exclusively, and other manufacturers did this VERY seldom.
  5. ONLY Lincoln made two other lights where the shade was designed to be used bulb side up..or..bulb side down.

The shades are just so fantastic.  Heavy custard glass with deep reliefs.  Can be used two ways depending on preferences.  VERY minor roughness in keeping with the fixture's age.  Simply "wow" pieces of glass by themselves.

Like most antiques, this chandelier is showing its age a bit.  Some of the finish is worn in places and muted, like an old Persian carpet.  One of the decorative finial elements located on ONE of the shade holding panels is missing.  We have taken a picture showing what the other 4 look like...and the panel with the missing element for comparison.  It is minor...and not really noticeable...but we are showing it all the same.


  • Height:  28" tall.  If a longer drop is desired, we can add a bit of extra chain.  The chandelier can be shortened to 24" by removing the stem decoration and some chain links.
  • Diameter:  18 ½"


Totally rewired with new sockets and wire in our UL shop.  Each rewired socket can use up to a 100 watt incandescent bulb.  With old glass however, we like to dial down the wattage whenever possible.

Price:  $2,800.00 plus shipping.   An excellent price for this RARE slip shade presentation chandelier attributed to Lincoln Mnf., Circa 1935.