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Due to staffing shortages,
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Grow Lights- Induction Lights for Plant Growth (TL-400_FIVE)
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Grow Lights- Induction Lights for Plant Growth (TL-400_FIVE)

TL-400_FIVE Five Brand NEW Induction 400 watt Light for plant growth. Currently 25% off, which is factored into the price already.  This is a fantastic GREAT grow light at a bargain price.    Compare anyone’s price to ours.  NO ONE beats our price for our much better quality item.
Note our waterproof case to protect the light and shield during misting operations.  Note our safety
tempered glass cover for thorough light penetration.  A quality light.....NOT just a cheap sheet metal reflector open to moisture where evaporating water leave hardness on the bulb instantly demoting the strength of the light.  Any eventual hardness build up will be on our tempered glass...not the bulb and can be EASILY cleaned off without turning off the light.  The tempered glass also protects against moving and swinging impact elements of a growing operation.
Complete Physical Light Features:
* Die cast aluminum case
* Patented German made intensifying reflector
* Tempered glass, shock resistant cover
* 120 volts to 277 volts Multi-Transformer
* Fully revealed spectrums for our specially designed Plant Growth Induction Light.
Induction Grow Lights.
As we all know, light absorption is the key to good growth. Anyone can produce a light bulb for the human environment, but what do our plants need ?  Our spectrum is designed for plants.  See the spectrum of light generated by OUR Induction Grow Light.  Both Seedlings and Growth bands are generated.  One light does it all.
While others manufacturers tout “special” wave lengths for seedlings and “special” wave lengths for mature plants...with our bulb does it all.  Look at the spike in the 470nm seedling range and the powerful and prolific range in the plant growth 660nm range.  Really an outstanding light for the most efficient plant growth- - - bar none.
 400 Watts::: 39.25" (997mm) long x 10 3/4” (270mm) tall x 12.5” (320mm) wide.
Mounts on Swing brackets that can be attached to a 2 x 4 or metal rail or even hung
from chain.  Centers for these brackets is 16”.  Easy up and down adjustment with plant growth
400 Watt—Replaces 1000 watt HID
Life:  As much as 100,000 hour lamp life..80,000 hrs is most realistic
Uses 50-70% less energy than HPS or MH...a 400 watt grow light, with it’s transformer, at 120v will draw only 3.3 220v it will draw only 1.82 amps  (about as much as a 300 watt incandescent light bulb at 120...less than a 200 watt bulb at 220 volts).  With our special variable voltage transformer,  you can choose which voltage to connect.  Being will take “brown-outs” and “spikes” in stride while others, locked into a set voltage range, will cook out their transformer during brown-outs.
Produces  MUCH LESS heat than HPS or MH.
Since the Induction bulb burns under 190º can get closer to the plants for a greater
light intensity.  We have seen as little as 6” off the foliage when looking to take the greatest advantage of the Inverse Square Law of light projection.
Uses a whopping 80% less mercury than HPS or MH.   Our mercury is NOT a liquid or powder, but an amalgam similar to dental fillings.  The amalgam is contained in an easily removed side chamber of the bulb.  It is easily re-cycled with a simple file using the “file-break off” basic chemistry technique we all learned in High School chemistry since it is ALL contained within a small side flag which is easily file scored and then snapped off.  Since all the mercury is an amalgam  (like dental filings),,,not powder or stays in that small flag and can be fully re-cycled after file-sawing-breaking it off. don’t have to worry about any of this for 80,000+ hours.
If you are a significant plant grower and wish a quote for multiple us.  Whole greenhouses are a specialty with us having our home base in Washington State.